Orders ship within 1 week of purchase. Please bear in mind manage all the fulfillment myself but I will try my best to get orders out ASAP.

Shipping rates are calculated at checkout and are based upon the weight of your purchase and your location. I currently do not offer expedited shipping, so please be mindful if you are interested in ordering in a time crunch.


Unfortunately, shipping outside the U.S. is unavailable for the time being. I plan on making it available in the future, but for now I am taking the launch slowly. I will be sure to let everyone know once it becomes available. In the meantime, I appreciate your patience.

Shipping ceramic pieces will always be a risk. If your item is damaged upon arrival, please contact me so we can work out an exchange. Please be aware that I do not offer returns on undamaged ceramics.


If you would like to return another item, please also contact me, however the cost of shipping will not be refunded.

My email is